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Stuttering is a prevalent speech disorder that affects nearly 3 million Americans of all ages. It usually emerges between 2-6 years old, while children develop language skills. While some children outgrow their stutter, you might need help from Celebrations Speech Group in Brentwood, Stockton, and Elk Grove, California. If your child’s stutter has lasted longer than six months or is becoming more severe, call the practice or schedule a consultation online today.


What is stuttering?

While everyone has moments when they don’t speak as smoothly as they’d like, stuttering is a speech disorder that causes the repetition of words, syllables, or sounds. It can also prolong sounds or cause speech interruptions. 

In addition to the irregular flow of speech, people who stutter might also have physical behaviors, including eye blinks or lip tremors. Stuttering causes communications problems, which can negatively influence relationships, academic performance, and self-confidence. 

Children who stutter know what they want to say but have trouble producing a smooth flow of speech. 

What causes stuttering?

Researchers haven’t identified all of the mechanisms that cause stuttering. However, they do know that there are two main types of stuttering: developmental and neurogenic. 

Developmental stuttering occurs in children while they’re developing their speech and language skills. Some scientists believe that children stutter when their abilities don’t meet their demands. 

Neurogenic stuttering emerges after a brain injury such as head trauma or stroke. If the brain injury damages the part of the brain that coordinates speech, you might have trouble producing clear or fluent speech. 

When should I talk to a speech therapist about my child’s stuttering?

When it comes to stuttering, the earlier you get a diagnosis and start speech therapy, the better. Some of the indicators your child might benefit from speech therapy for a stutter include:

  • Stuttering has persisted for more than six months
  • Stuttering begins after the age of three
  • Stuttering becomes more frequent or pronounced

Additionally, if your child becomes tense or distressed while talking and stuttering or starts to avoid speaking, contact Celebrations Speech Group.

How do you treat stuttering?

The speech therapists at Celebrations Speech Group begins with a thorough assessment of your child’s speech and language skills. Once they understand your child’s needs, they create a personalized treatment program. 

For example, many children benefit from practicing sounds. Children usually stutter less, while singing, reading aloud, and speaking in unison, so your speech therapist incorporates these activities into therapy. 

Your speech therapist can also help your child practice strategies such as speaking slowly, regulating breathing, and practicing multiple syllable words and phrases. Throughout speech therapy, your child increases their comfort and confidence while speaking.

If you’re concerned about your child’s stutter, call Celebrations Speech Group or schedule an appointment online today.