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Speech Therapy Specialist

Celebrations Speech Group

Speech Therapist & Pediatric Speech Pathologist located in Brentwood, CA & Stockton, CA & Elk Grove, CA

Speech therapy is an invaluable approach to helping adults and children with speech disorders communicate more effectively. If you or your child have problems with speech, the experienced speech-language therapists at Celebrations Speech Group in Brentwood, Stockton, and Elk Grove, California, can help with expert speech therapy techniques. Call Celebrations Speech Group to find out more or book an appointment online today.

Speech Therapy Q & A

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a treatment method that uses various techniques to improve communication in children and adults with speech disorders.

The speech therapists at Celebrations Speech Group use approaches that include articulation therapy and language intervention activities.

Why would I need speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a practical approach to treating speech and language disorders developed during childhood. It’s also beneficial in treating speech impairments that adults may encounter when affected by conditions like brain injuries and stroke.

The Celebrations Speech Group team uses speech therapy for various disorders, including:

Articulation disorders

A child with an articulation disorder might distort, swap, add or drop certain word sounds.

Fluency disorders

Stuttering is one of the most well-known fluency disorders.

Resonance disorders

Resonance disorders result from something obstructing the flow of air through the cavities in your nose and mouth, which affects the quality of your voice.

Receptive disorders

These disorders interfere with your ability to understand and process what other people say.

Expressive disorders

This type of speech disorder usually affects people with developmental conditions like Down syndrome or loss of hearing.

Other speech disorders include cognitive-communication disorders, aphasia, and dysarthria.

Speech therapy typically starts with your speech therapist at Celebrations Speech Group, assessing your speech to identify the type of communication disorder you have. They can then create an effective speech therapy program for you.

What does speech therapy for children involve?

Speech therapy for children might involve one-to-one or small group sessions, during which your child takes part in speech therapy exercises. The activities the speech therapist uses differ according to the child’s age and unique needs, as well as the type of speech disorder they have.

Possible interventions might include talking and playing with the help of books, objects, and pictures to help stimulate your child’s language development. The speech therapist might model the correct sounds during these play sessions to learn how to form words that cause them problems.

The speech therapist also provides homework for your child and helps you support your child by practicing speech therapy exercises at home.

What does adult speech therapy involve?

Speech therapy for adults might involve problem-solving, memory exercises, and other activities to improve your cognitive-communication. Your speech therapist can also help you find ways to improve your conversation in social settings.

As well as speaking and thinking exercises, you might benefit from breathing exercises to increase the resonance of your voice and practices to strengthen the muscles you use when speaking.

To find out more about speech therapy for you or your child, call Celebrations Speech Group, or book an appointment online today.